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If you (or a loved one) are accused of a crime consult with a qualified criminal defense attorney in your state.

Educate yourself with our criminal defense legal help and state guides, written by attorneys.​

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Criminal Law

Our general overview of criminal law - what constitutes a criminal act beyond a reasonable doubt?

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Criminal Law Glossary

Criminal law has its own language - understand the legal jargon so you don’t get lost.

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Reasonable Doubt vs. Preponderance of Evidence

Reasonable doubt is a case specific question - learn the differences between reasonable doubt and a preponderance of evidence here.

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How to Identify Criminal Cases and Personal Injury (Civil) Cases

It’s important to understand the differences to determine which type of case you are involved in.

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How to Bail Someone Out of Jail

Understand how to post bail for yourself or a loved one - on your own or through a bail bondsmen.

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