Will my personal injury case go to trial?

Most Cases Never Go To Trial

About 98% of all personal injury cases are settled without going to trial. A "settlement" is a mutual agreement.

  • Not TV. Real life is nothing like on television. Most cases are settled, trials are boring, and there is a ton of paperwork - and more paperwork. Oh, and lawyers don't dress as well in real life as they do on TV.
  • Be ready. However, it's imperative that your PI attorney be ready, willing, and able to go to trial in order to have a strong negotiating position.
  • ADR. Sometimes, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is implemented. ADR is like a tiny court - which operates faster and less expensively than a court of law. The ADR panel imposes a resolution on the parties.
  • Mediation. Other times, mediation is implemented. Mediation is nothing like a court - instead, an impartial professional guides the parties through negotiations with the goal of reaching a mutually agreeable settlement. Mediation also operates faster and less expensively than a court of law.

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