How bad can a drunk driving conviction be?

We all feel the horrid adrenaline pump when we see the flashing lights in our rearview mirror. It's a terrible feeling as we hold our breath, hoping the police cruiser passes us by to pursue another driver. Then, there can be downright fear and overwhelming anxiety when we realize that it's us the police want to pull over - all increased exponentially if we've had a few drinks - and may be drunk driving.

A DUI Conviction Can Change Your Life

  • It's estimated that a first time DUI conviction can cost upwards of $17,000+ or even more if you hurt or kill someone while driving drunk.
  • Subsequent convictions cost even more - how much pay would you lose if you go to jail for 6 months, a year, or more?
  • You may lose your job and go to jail.
  • How will you get to work, buy groceries, or take your children to the doctor if your driver's license is suspended or your car is impounded?
  • What will your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and loved ones think of you?
  • How will you and your family deal with the stress?
  • A DUI conviction stays on your record forever.

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