Cleveland, Ohio Divorce Attorneys

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Thomas LaFond

Cleveland divorce attorney at Schneider Smeltz Ranney and LaFond with 53 years experience

(216) 696-4200

1111 Superior Avenue, Suite 1000, Cleveland, OH 44114

William Wuliger

Cleveland divorce attorney at Wuliger Fadel and Beyer with 50 years experience

(216) 298-1205

1340 Sumner Court, Cleveland, OH 44115

James Cahn

Cleveland divorce attorney at Hermann Cahn and Schneider with 46 years experience

(216) 781-5515

1301 East 9th Street, Suite 500, Cleveland, OH 44114

John Heutsche

Cleveland divorce attorney at John V Heutsche Co with 46 years experience

(216) 586-5506

700 West Saint Clair Avenue, Suite 220, Cleveland, OH 44113

Andrew Bemer

Cleveland divorce attorney at Seeley Savidge Ebert and Gourash with 46 years experience

(216) 592-8728

26600 Detroit Road, Cleveland, OH 44145

Jack Abel

Cleveland divorce attorney at Abel and Zocolo with 45 years experience

(216) 678-9064

815 Superior Avenue, Suite 1915, Cleveland, OH 44114

Randall Perla

Cleveland divorce attorney at Randall M Perla with 45 years experience

(440) 333-2503

19443 Lorain Road, Cleveland, OH 44126

William Rini

Cleveland divorce attorney at Carlisle McNellie Rini Kramer and Ulrich with 44 years experience

(216) 360-7200

24755 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 101, Cleveland, OH 44122

Roger Heller

Cleveland divorce attorney at Roger Heller with 44 years experience

(216) 313-9447

820 West Superior Avenue, Suite 510, Cleveland, OH 44113

Deborah Akers-Parry

Cleveland divorce attorney at Wolf and Akers with 43 years experience

(216) 206-6487

1375 East 9th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114

Barbara Roman

Cleveland divorce attorney at Meyers Roman Friedberg and Lewis with 42 years experience

(216) 503-4794

28601 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 500, Cleveland, OH 44122

John Sayre

Cleveland divorce attorney at Nicola Gudbranson Cooper with 42 years experience

(216) 939-5369

25 West Prospect Avenue, Suite 1400, Cleveland, OH 44115

Brian Urban

Cleveland divorce attorney at Urban and Pozzuto with 40 years experience

(216) 241-4244

55 Public Square, Suite 2001, Cleveland, OH 44113

Keith Weiner

Cleveland divorce attorney at Keith D Weiner and Associates with 37 years experience

(216) 771-6500

75 Public Square, 4th Floor, Cleveland, OH 44113

Donna Ramsey-Caputo

Cleveland divorce attorney at Donna Ramsey Caputo Attorney with 35 years experience

(440) 374-8502

13451 Pearl Road, Cleveland, OH 44136

John Zoller

Cleveland divorce attorney at Zoller Biacsi with 33 years experience

(216) 586-5737

3611 Prospect Avenue East, Cleveland, OH 44115

Joseph Gorman Jr.

Cleveland divorce attorney at Dubyak Connick Sammon Thompson and Bloom with 32 years experience

(866) 431-2119

3401 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 205, Cleveland, OH 44122

Tanja Holecek

Cleveland divorce attorney at Wegman Hessler and Vanderburg with 30 years experience

(216) 642-3342

6055 Rockside Woods Boulevard, Suite 200, Cleveland, OH 44131

Mary Biacsi

Cleveland divorce attorney at Zoller Biacsi with 29 years experience

(216) 586-5737

3611 Prospect Avenue East, Cleveland, OH 44115

Ronald Ziehm

Cleveland divorce attorney at Davis and Young with 28 years experience

(216) 348-1700

600 Superior Avenue E, Cleveland, OH 44114

Are you facing divorce or legal seperation?

Even if you and your spouse are on the best of terms, you need to fully understand your legal rights as to property settlement, support, and child sharing. If you waive any marital rights during divorce, you absolutely cannot enforce them later. Once you sign those divorce papers, it's too late to say, "Wait a minute, maybe I shouldn't waive my rights to your retirement account, stock options, real estate, life insurance, business interests, bank accounts, and cash." Keep in mind, working with a lawyer and going to court are not the same thing. You and your spouse always have the power to design your own marital settlement agreement working with a divorce attorney.

Need an attorney in Cleveland, OH?

Find the right attorney by reviewing and comparing our profiles of lawyers and their law firms, with details on each attorney and their colleague’s practice, experience, education, training, honors and fee structure. Carefully consider client reviews and recommendations from people just like you. If you have complex legal needs, a larger firm with multiple attorneys who can advise you in different areas may be the best fit. If your needs are more limited and very specific, consider a smaller firm. Speak with several Cleveland divorce attorneys to find the one that is best for you.

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