Chicago, Illinois DUI Attorneys

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Donald Shine

Chicago dui attorney at Nisen and Elliott with 49 years experience

(312) 346-7800

200 West Adams Street, Suite 2500, Chicago, IL 60606

David Locks

Chicago dui attorney at David H Locks with 48 years experience

(773) 472-0721

3526 North Hamilton Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

John Meyer

Chicago dui attorney at Meyer and O'Connor with 47 years experience

(312) 445-9067

135 South LaSalle Street, Suite 3300, Chicago, IL 60603

Thomas Durkin

Chicago dui attorney at Durkin and Roberts with 46 years experience

(312) 945-7025

2446 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614

Dorothy Johnson

Chicago dui attorney at Johnson and Associates with 46 years experience

(312) 236-1616

887 North La Salle Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60610

William Wigoda

Chicago dui attorney at Jakubs and Wigoda with 45 years experience

(312) 361-8413

29 South LaSalle Street, Suite 620, Chicago, IL 60603

Janis Roberts

Chicago dui attorney at Durkin and Roberts with 39 years experience

(312) 945-7025

2446 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614

Jill Quinn

Chicago dui attorney at Jill Rose Quinn with 36 years experience

(773) 777-9277

4825 North Mason Avenue, Suite 105, Chicago, IL 60630

Julie Aimen

Chicago dui attorney at Julie B Aimen with 35 years experience

(312) 985-0191

53 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 1615, Chicago, IL 60604

Stephen Tyma

Chicago dui attorney at Tyma Steven with 35 years experience

(312) 372-3920

105 West Madison Street, Suite 2200, Chicago, IL 60602

Lawrence Beaumont

Chicago dui attorney at Lawrence S Beaumont with 34 years experience

(312) 588-6913

53 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 626, Chicago, IL 60604

Steven Laduzinsky

Chicago dui attorney at Kaplan Papadakis and Gournis with 33 years experience

(312) 726-0531

180 North La Salle Street, Suite 2108, Chicago, IL 60601

Kristi Browne

Chicago dui attorney at The Patterson Law Firm with 32 years experience

(312) 386-7053

1 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2100, Chicago, IL 60602

Andrew Schwartz

Chicago dui attorney at Schwartz and Kanyock with 31 years experience

(312) 239-6273

33 North Dearborn Street, Suite 2330, Chicago, IL 60602

Linda Jakubs

Chicago dui attorney at Jakubs and Wigoda with 28 years experience

(312) 361-8413

29 South LaSalle Street, Suite 620, Chicago, IL 60603

Drew Peel

Chicago dui attorney at Rachlis Duff Adler and Peel with 27 years experience

(312) 275-0337

542 South Dearborn Street, Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60605

Nicolas Albukerk

Chicago dui attorney at J Nicolas Albukerk with 26 years experience

(773) 847-2600

1450 West Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607

Zubin Kammula

Chicago dui attorney at Siegel and Moses with 22 years experience

(312) 658-2000

444 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2600, Chicago, IL 60611

Azita Mojarad

Chicago dui attorney at Azita M Mojarad with 19 years experience

(888) 817-4170

70 West Madison, Suite 2275, Chicago, IL 60602

Anthony Hill

Chicago dui attorney at Anthony W Hill Law Offices with 18 years experience

(312) 981-0141

53 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 615, Chicago, IL 60604

Are you facing a DUI arrest or conviction?

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWI and decide the potential consequence are too great to go it alone, select an attorney who is licensed in your state and focuses their practice primarily on DUI and DWI defense. A DUI conviction has serious consequences and you need to feel comfortable and respect your lawyer, so it's okay to consult with a few DUI attorneys and select the one who is the best fit.

Need an attorney in Chicago, IL?

Find the right attorney by reviewing and comparing our profiles of lawyers and their law firms, with details on each attorney and their colleague’s practice, experience, education, training, honors and fee structure. Carefully consider client reviews and recommendations from people just like you. If you have complex legal needs, a larger firm with multiple attorneys who can advise you in different areas may be the best fit. If your needs are more limited and very specific, consider a smaller firm. Speak with several Chicago dui attorneys to find the one that is best for you.

Ask yourself the 3 C’s:

  • Credentials ‐ How many cases has this attorney worked on similar to yours?
  • Comfort ‐ Who are you most comfortable working with? Is the lawyer’s office nearby? How and how often will they get in touch with you?
  • Cost ‐ Have expected costs and fees been clearly explained to you? It’s OK to ask for an estimate.