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John Sherman

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Gallardo Law Firm  

(305) 261-7000

8490 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33144

Theodore Bayer

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Theodore R Bayer with 52 years experience

(786) 991-2611

9400 South Dadeland Boulevard, Suite 300, Miami, FL 33156

Peter Brooke

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Krinzman Huss and Lubetsky with 48 years experience

(305) 854-9700

800 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1501, Miami, FL 33131

Ronald Neiwirth

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Fowler White Burnett with 47 years experience

(305) 789-9200

100 SouthEast Second Street, 17th Floor, Miami, FL 33131

William Clay

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Bill Clay with 46 years experience

(305) 595-0866

11440 North Kendall Drive, Suite 400, Miami, FL 33176

Richard Zelman

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Sacher Zelman Hartmanul Beiley and Sacher with 45 years experience

(305) 371-8797

1401 Brickell Avenue, Suite 700, Miami, FL 33131

Gary Simon

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Simon and Simon with 45 years experience

(954) 399-7731

9500 South Dadeland Boulevard, Suite 708, Miami, FL 33156

Gary Carman

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Arnstein and Lehr with 45 years experience

(305) 374-3330

201 South Biscayne Boulevard, 4th Floor, Miami, FL 33131

Scott Baena

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Bilzin Sumberg with 45 years experience

(305) 374-7580

200 South Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 2500, Miami, FL 33131

Neil Berman

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Rennert Vogel Mandler and Rodriguez with 45 years experience

(305) 577-4177

100 Southeast Second Street, Suite 2900, Miami, FL 33131

Jeffrey Tanen

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Jeffrey S Tanen with 44 years experience

(305) 374-3250

4000 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Suite 570, Miami, FL 33146

John Kozyak

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Kozyak Tropin and Throckmorton with 44 years experience

(305) 377-0654

2525 Ponce de Leon, 9th Floor, Miami, FL 33134

Paul McMahon

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Law Office of Paul Joseph McMahon with 44 years experience

(305) 285-1222

2840 South West 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33129

David Trench

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Bilzin Sumberg with 44 years experience

(305) 374-7580

200 South Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 2500, Miami, FL 33131

Thomas Ringel

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Markowitz Ringel Trusty and Hartog with 43 years experience

(305) 670-5000

9130 South Dadeland Boulevard, Suite 1800, Miami, FL 33156

Barry Blaxberg

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Blaxberg Grayson and Kukoff with 42 years experience

(305) 381-7979

25 SE 2nd Avenue, Suite 730, Miami, FL 33131

I Blaxberg

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Blaxberg Grayson and Kukoff with 42 years experience

(305) 381-7979

25 SE 2nd Avenue, Suite 730, Miami, FL 33131

Leonard Fenn

Miami bankruptcy attorney at DeFabio and Fenn with 42 years experience

(786) 475-4548

2333 Brickell Avenue, Suite A-1, Miami, FL 33129

David Levine

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Tew Cardenas with 41 years experience

(305) 536-1112

1441 Brickell Avenue, 15th Floor, Miami, FL 33131

JosT Astigarraga

Miami bankruptcy attorney at Astigarraga Davis with 41 years experience

(305) 372-8282

701 Brickell Avenue, 16th Floor, Miami, FL 33131

Need help with a bankruptcy matter?

Just because you owe money to another person, a bank, a credit card company, a landlord or another party doesn't mean you've signed away your legal rights. Federal and state debtor-creditor laws explain both the legal rights and obligations of debtors (people who owe money) and creditors (those who are owed money). If you're being hounded by collection agencies and debt collectors, talk to a bankruptcy and debt attorney who can help you enforce your legal rights while also working to explore debt relief options. Your lawyer can discuss the pros and cons of debt settlement, garnishment, personal bankruptcy and other possible solutions. Many states forbid lawyers to say they “specialize” in a specific practice, but for bankruptcy law you wouldn’t want it any other way. Look for attorneys who limit their practice to bankruptcy law.

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Find the right attorney by reviewing and comparing our profiles of lawyers and their law firms, with details on each attorney and their colleague’s practice, experience, education, training, honors and fee structure. Carefully consider client reviews and recommendations from people just like you. If you have complex legal needs, a larger firm with multiple attorneys who can advise you in different areas may be the best fit. If your needs are more limited and very specific, consider a smaller firm. Speak with several Miami bankruptcy attorneys to find the one that is best for you.

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