Lawyers in Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado Attorneys

Elizabeth A Woodcock

» Internet and Media

» Baylor Law School, JD, 1986 University of Houston

Walter J Lemanski

» Business and Corporate, Internet and Media

» Vanderbilt Law School, JD, 1997

Victor L Wallace

» Business and Corporate

» University of Oklahoma, JD, 1967

Steven K Talley

» Business and Corporate

» University of California, Boalt Hall School of Law, JD, 1991

Thomas E Yearout

» Tax

» University of Denver, JD, 1994

Thomas M Dunford

» Insurance, Personal Injury

» University of Minnesota, JD, cum laude, 1988

William J Campbell

» Business and Corporate, International Law

» University of Colorado, JD, 1971

Roger P Thomasch

» Litigation

» Duke University, LLB, 1967

Gary J Younger

» Energy and Utilities, Environmental

» University of Tulsa College of Law, JD, 1983

Tim Atkeson

» Environmental, Litigation

» Yale University, JD, 1982

John Voorhees

» Criminal, Environmental

» Catholic University, JD, 1976

Thomas G Jeter

» Contract, Government, Real Estate

» University of Texas, JD, 1962

William P Johnson

» Business and Corporate

» University of Colorado, LLB, 1958

Ann A. Hered

» Business and Corporate, Environmental, Real Estate

» Cornell University Law School

Philip L Gordon

» Appeal, Employment, Healthcare, Insurance, Internet and Media

» New York University, School of Law, JD, 1989

Timothy M Schulte

» Insurance

» University of Denver College of Law, JD, 1991

Thomas W Niebrugge

» Environmental

» University of Oklahoma, JD, 1977

William J Brady

» Environmental, Government, Insurance, Personal Injury

» University of Denver, JD, 1977

W Brent Vanderbrook

» Business and Corporate, Contract, Employment, Entertainment, Sports, Tax

» University of Colorado at Boulder, JD, 2002

Kenneth S Chang

» Intellectual Property, Litigation

» University of Denver, College of Law, JD, 2000