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Legal matters, whether personal or business, are often difficult, confusing and expensive to resolve. We created Attorneys.org to help make our visitor’s legal experiences less difficult and more successful.

Our website features:

  • Detailed and reliable profiles of attorneys and firms nationwide.
  • In-depth articles on today's most urgent legal matters.
  • Tools to find an attorney in your area.
  • Comprehensive state by state guides on Bankruptcy, Divorce, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, DUI, Taxes and Social Security. Plus easy to understand explanations of thousands of legal terms.
  • Helpful advice on finding, choosing and preparing to work with an attorney.

Attorneys.org is an expert resource designed to help our visitors better understand the law, help them make more educated decisions, help them find the right attorney and help them be prepared to work with their attorney. Our national directory of attorneys lists attorneys who focus their practice on particular areas of law and you are free to contact them or not. You can rest assured that your search is private and free and without any obligation. This means that even if you do choose to consult with one of the attorneys listed you are not obligated to hire that attorney.

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